Magnetic Resonance Imaging system laboratory

MRI system Laboratory consists of hardware group, software group, sequence group and instrument group, with nearly 20 doctoral and master students. Research directions include: R&D of magnetic resonance imaging system and R&D of image-guided therapy system.

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Neuroimaging laboratory

The neuroimaging laboratory is dedicated to studying the computational analysis and processing methods of multimodal neuroimaging data including structure, function, diffusion and perfusion, including data-driven methods such as feature extraction and machine learning, to study and explore the relationship between human brain network and cognition, behavior and disease. Moreover, combined with neuroimaging technology, neuromodulation methods with good focus and stimulation depth are developed for the treatment of neurological diseases.

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Molecular imaging laboratory

Molecular imaging is a science that uses imaging means to show the changes of specific molecules at tissue level, cell level and subcellular level in vivo, and makes qualitative and quantitative research in imaging. The research direction of molecular imaging laboratory is nanomedicine and metabolic imaging, and its research contents include nanoprobe design and synthesis, cell tracing, metabolic imaging, etc., which involves interdisciplinary research such as cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, material chemistry and medical imaging. The laboratory includes chemical synthesis platform, cell culture room, material characterization and biochemical analysis platform, etc.

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