The Biomedical Engineering Center of University of Science and Technology of China is a key scientific research and medical transformation platform supported by the 985 Project of USTC. Founded in January 2013, the center now has an international and multidisciplinary academic and engineering research team of more than 50 people, including 2 professors, 5 young teachers and researchers, and more than 50 outstanding postdocs, graduate students and undergraduates.

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The BMEC is equipped with a magnetic resonance radio frequency laboratory, an image-guided minimally invasive intervention laboratory, a molecular imaging laboratory, a neuroimaging laboratory, a medical image processing laboratory, a microfluidic laboratory, and a radioinformatics laboratory, and has undertaken many scientific research projects such as the National 973 Program and NSF major research plans, key scientific instruments, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Education, and enterprise cooperation.

Currently, the center has two magnetic resonance imaging systems, two CT's and two ultrasound devices. In addition, the center will install an interventional magnetic resonance imaging system, a 7T large-aperture animal magnetic resonance imaging system, and a multimodal imaging system. Among them, an open 0.35 T magnetic resonance imaging system was put into use in July 2015, which was specially used for magnetic resonance guided minimally invasive intervention. A GE Discovery MR750 3.0 T magnetic resonance imaging system was put into use in March 2016 for research and clinical transformation work such as magnetic resonance functional imaging, magnetic resonance imaging methods, multinuclear spectroscopy (19F, 13C, 23Na, 31P) imaging and molecular imaging. The system is connected with the GE Innova 3100 angiogram, and the two machines are concentric and coaxial to facilitate the rapid transfer of patients or subjects between the machines, forming a complete X-MRI system for cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging and intervention.

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More equipment

In addition, the center is also equipped with multiple devices such as magnetic resonance high-pressure injector, functional magnetic resonance imaging simulator, magnetic resonance compatible multi-channel EEG system, magnetic resonance human physiological monitor, magnetic resonance animal physiological monitor, animal, and human anesthesia machine, multiple medical image processing workstations, big data server, radio frequency network analyzer, spectrometer and 3D printer. The center is also building molecular imaging laboratories, including a cell laboratory, a chemical synthesis room, a biochemical analyzer, and micro-nano chips, providing very convenient conditions for scientific research and clinical transformation.

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Our center has established cooperative relations with famous medical schools/hospitals at home and abroad, such as Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Washington University School of Medicine, Harvard University MGH, PSU, Beijing 301 Hospital, Union Hospital, Xuanwu Hospital, Anhui Medical University and Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and signed a senior user agreement with GE Company to establish a global strategic partner and clinical research center. Established joint laboratories with Fuqing Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Shuojin Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., and Time Medical, and realized the transformation and clinical application of related technologies.

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